In late 2018, I contacted Craig to discuss the fact that I had just been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I rang him later in the afternoon on a Friday so didn’t expect a reply until the following week. He rang me back straight away and gave me advice on the two policies I had and that I was entitled to a pay-out related to the “trauma” part of each policy. He sent me the details that I needed to complete and got the process underway. I received the money which took the pressure off as I didn’t know at that stage how the treatment was going to go, whether I was going to be able to work through it or whether I could work afterwards. I am pleased to say that I could work through and have been back at work for about 18 months now. He also reminded me when I was able to include the trauma clause again in my policies.

All our insurance both business and personal is done through Craig because of this fantastic service.